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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00. two murders in two separate counties. at some time one man is locked up for both grimes. how police linked him to the killings. >> then who will replace james comb yix the latest opt search to find the next director of the fbii. >> helping keep parents pills oylt of their children ees hands. the news at 10 starts now. >> we begin tonight with those two murders in two different counties. tonight police think one man is responsible. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> in late april a man was shot this death at montgomery county townhouse and days later in bring jornlt coupley a man was shot to death at a gas station. live in suitland tonight with
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anjali. >> shawn, tony. the press releases regarding arrests came out one hour apart and now investigators believe they have a buy county killer behind bars. >>. >> two mug shots taken hours apast same man. even wearing the same outfit. 25 year john feral williams was captured and charged with murder r murder of two men in two different counties. prince george county police believe it was williams who approached 27-year-old wayne pope at suitland exxon off silver hill road early morning hours of may 3. williams was armed with a gun and tried to rob pope. after a struggle williams shot pope and took off in his car. >> just four days earlier, a montgomery county polic
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believed williams and another 3457b were at the the scene of a quad rup ul shooting in germantown. williams shot and killed ameyer santos johnson at a home off kitchen house way april 289. williams and another man robbed the victim at gun point. three other people were also shot trying to flee the scene and survived. and the next day, montgomery county police arrested williams accomplice 23-year-old eric lee. but william was able to allegedly kill again before arrested wednesday in prince george county. >> williams is held without bond at the montgomery county jail facing charges of first degree murder and home invasion. live in suitland, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> we're learning new information tonight about the d.c. inspector general report on former school chancellor kai henderson the report alleged she gave preferential treatment
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treatment to certain officials. the latest on this one. marina. >> shawn, these latest questions about preferential treatment surrounding deputy mayor for greater economic opportunity just below mayor bowser and tonight we tried to ask mayor bowser more questions regarding this report. she was inside the verizon center for this game 7p. and we called her office to confirm mayor becauseer attendance and you'll see video parts just outside the verizon center we knew she was inside as a courtsey we called her office and as soon as they found out that "fox5" was trying to ask questions that car mayor bowser's call left the building without her and then we received a phone call alerting us that mayor bowser had left the building. she left before the game was over. but, tonight, still questions about this new report, which should suggest deputy mayor snowden was able to get her son to the popular montessori at
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special trans23er from former d.c. ps chancellor kai henderson. it's a school that has a waiting list of more than a thousand and students and last month the d.c. office of inspector general said henderson was being investigated for giving preferential treatment to s some, including d.c. offi officials. tonight you can imagine there was quite the reaction from the wilson building. we also caught up with mayor becauseer earlier. here was her response this afternoon. >> it certainly races an eyebrow. it was a popular and great school. >> when this say district officials are involved that makes me very upset. >> i'm assuming that the deputy mayor presented to the chance lar which is right of every parent. special set of circumstances for her family and the chancellor made the desession she thought was best. >> and mayor becauseer did not have a public
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tonight. and of course we were unable to speak with her further regarding this report as she was inside during the game and then left before the game ended. tomorrow, however, her office did tell me she is expected to hold a press conference regarding some other news and of course you can imagine this will litionly be a big topic of discussion. live in northwest d.c., marina more of course owe. >> we warrant it attorney to the forecast. live look outside off beautiful wednesday. we're in for a hange. sue, what should we expect tomorrow. >> tope, wet weather will be on the way in. glad it's dry out there. a lot of fans out of the verizon center. it's dry out. there rainy days are ahead and it will get started tomorrow morning. it may not be raining for the morning commute. here in the district. but it will begin before the noon hour if not by 9d or 10. you wail need rain gear and maybe extra time. tonight we have not seen much in the way of rain locally. down
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couple showers you see them in motion scotting by well south and west we'll stay dry overnight. let's show what you we're watching tomorrow morning. complex of showers and storms you see towards the chicago area and that's what's going to move on speedy jet stream upper level winds in our direction and be in here likely between about 10 and noon in most areas and earlier out to the north and west. so i wanted to show you the future cast to give you an idea of what you can expect tomorrow morning. and it's tracking few showers tonight and little over zone there as you can see. as we get closer to 8:00 dry around the beltway tomorrow morning. out towards front royal showers and heavier rain beyond that. that gets in here in the morning. and it will be round through the noon hour. maybe we even see it han hang around 1:00 and second batch may come in in the evening. bottom line rounds of rain expected thursday, maybe a little drier on friday and then more rain as we head into
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and di mention, it's going to be a lot cooler too. maybe 15 cooler tomorrow then it was today. so grab the jacket and umbrella i'll are more what you can expect for the weekend as well as finish out the workweek in a few minutes. tony. >> we have breaking news to bring you out of prince george county. take a look at screen. sky fox is live over the scene of two car crash in chel cheltenam. all southbound lanes of route 301 are shut dunn right now. that's near black stone av avenue. maryland state police helicopter was called to the scene to transport victims. prince george county fire says two people were trapped in the cars. we don't know how severe their injuries are. we'll get you more information when it becomes available. again right now all southbound lanes of route 301 near black stone avenue in prince george county are currently shut down. we have update to a story "fox5" has been following for weeks. reports
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by prince george county school staff members continue to g grow. there are been 788 reported case this school year. that's 152 more cases than what was reported just one month ago. many staffers have already been placed on leave and will not be returning to work. meanwhile, school officials say they are currently reviewing policies and new training on reporting incidences is being organized for the summer. >> another update tonight on escaped prisoner recaptured after being on the run for 6 days in howard county. prosecutors dropped all of the escape related charges against david watson. he escaped last month during a visit to state hospital in jessup. he was serving more than 100 years in delaware for attempted murder and he's taken back to wycomico country where he is faces charging related to escape. >> developing tonight the search is on for a new 2
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search is on for a new fbi director after the president fired jim comey. the senate majority leader is standing with the president. >> today we'll no doubt hear calls for a new investigation which could only serve to impede the current working done to not only discover what the russians may have done, also to let it body and the national security community develop counter measures and war fighting doctrine to see it doesn't occur again. >> it's troubling and gross abuse of power and not the way things happen here. this is what happens in author tearian countries when the leader gets rid of those where they're investigating him and getting too close to him. the american people have a right to know whaud what happened here. we have an independent council who cannot be fired by the president of the united states. >> the whis house says it has no
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special prosecutor and said it has confidence in integrity of the ongoing investigation. for now, andrew mc cabe the deputy director will lead fbi and a number of other names are being floated for the district. john pistol is former director of fbi and administrator tsa and president of anderson university in indiana. wright kelly former new york city police commissioner and craig doudy from south carolina a former federal prosecutor. tonight we're getting a look at the farewell letter he wrote to employees. i long believed that president can fire fbi director for any reason or no reason at all. i'm not going to spend time on the decision or way it was executed. i hope you won't either. coming up next at 10. a new als drug giving patients with the disease hope. >> and how the ice bucket
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challenge helped speed up the process to get the medicine opt market. >> plus details on new technology to help parents keep track of precipitation pills and whether he their kids are abusing them. >> and caught on camera series of violent robberies in the district.
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>> i'm sure you remember these individualsios summer of 2014 ice bucket challenge took social media by storm it started in boston to raise money for als known as lou gehrig's disease. a new medication because of this was fast tracked through fda approval. lauren demarco went to the local chapter in rockville which serves entire dmv to find out more. >> ice bucket challenge such a success that they now have their own buckets painted with
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and so, this news is just wonderful for everybody in the als community. because as you can see written here on signage, 5,000 people diagnosed per year. 2 to 5 years is average life expectancy there is no cure. i have with me andrew betterman member of the board of local als association chapter and new medication was not expected to be available for another two to three years. the fact it's been pushed through sooner this is huge for people currently who have the disease. >> it is actually fantastic. it's first treatment approved in 22 years. >> so this medication is expected to basically improve the quality of life for pe people. . you can talk about what it's like for someone suffering from als, lou gehrig's disease. >> described as a glass could have up is incredibly acc accurate. you don't lose any mental function but your body slowly withers and you
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to use muscles it's helpless and unbelievable heartbreak egg and this drug is a treatment we're excited about and we pray one day there's a cure. >> so all of those people doing the ice bucket challenge, that money didn't just go to speeding up the medication being approved but it went to support local chapters. thank you, andrew. i want to take you here through the avs here this is rockville. but again serving entire dmv. this is memory wall of people in the air that have been lost to als and down this a is supply closet and i have waiting here tanyell gil she's in here. the families in our area who have benefitted from some of the money that was raised by ice bucket challenge how many families. >> nearly 700 families throughout washington d.c., maryland and virginia. >> wow, okay. and so what kind of things does this money go
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>> yeah so the money goes to providing free services and support to all the families. this is example of one of the offices we provide. equipment, medical equipment loan closet. it provides anything medical that a patient might need to continue their battle with als. >> you were showing us newest technology people can use eyes to navigate a computer. >> i have als. >> 75% of people with als lose their ability to speak. they can't communicate their needs medical needs but also means they cannot communicate with loved ones simple saying i love you made possible through assistive technology the only way the chapter continues to provide this is through individual support, corporate support and grants. >> there you go. not just the ravacado medication but people here in our area that can use your help. continue to donate to als. that's the latest in rockville back to you in the studio. new at 10:00 tonight prescription drug
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major problem nationwide. fight against people illegally popping precipitation pills could get much needed help. tisha lwis is here with the story. >> a man is on a mission to make timer caps mandatory on all precipitation pill bottles as simple as it sounds the wlaingt time the cap was opened the timer starts when the cap is closed and stops once it's opened. >> my mom was addicted to own yoydz for as long as i remember. >> this is one of the biggest crisis is we do and we have ability to make simple decisions and choices to affect the population dram ate beingly. >> for larry torsky frev entering prescription drug abuse is personal. he's in town talking about laws to curb abuse. we met up with him in northwest. >> the timer cap resets every time you open. it so you can see i
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has been in medicine. prevention packaging is not something they were talking about and now it s between the groups of the tavx force of fda to cd droxt nih it's being discussd on march 1, 2016 centerville high school student alexia spring areas found dead in her home after she attend aid party and took a dangerous cocktail including morphine and oxycodone. david evers was sentenced to 7 years if prison for giving her the pills. she was 17 years old. >> people realize this can happen and these drugs are toxic. >> for larry torsty he hopes lawmakers make caps required packages on all precipitation pill bottles and highlighting aftermaths and dainkers from abuse and families left be behind. >> the special caps are also targeting senior citizens to help them remember when they last took medications. federal law makers in app apparently open to discussing possible
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prescription drug packages which has been the same and in place since the 19 70s. shawn, tony, you can see the timer going once i put it on before the segment began. it's interesting. this is in most major drug stores the goal is to make it mandatory with all precipitation medicines and creator believes it could help. >> it makes a lot of sense. great thing not only for parents watching over their kids but also for seniors or anyone who forgets. all right. thank you tisha. still to come at 10:00 tonight the down sides of selfies. how posting pictures like this could make you a tarring eliminate for criminals. >> and police need your help to find the suspects behind a series of violent armed roberies in the district targeting pharmacies and convene stores.
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>> two masked men stored into a pennsylvania avenue 7-eleven and grabbed cash gr bolting out of the store. and burglars take what they want and run out of the store and it appears a different set of suspects hit up a pharmacy on east capital treat. one suspect stand as a lookout as the other two leap over the counter and fill up on precipitation pills. police are hoping someone recognizes the robbers and turns them in. >> police in fairfax home you can help them identify men who robbed two stores hours apart. may 6 czar world leesburg pike and second evrm on on south kings highway. both incidents one man indicated he had a w
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demanded cash and they both took off with the money. shawn and i will be lack at 11. up next is fox news at 10:30. >> next at 10:30 students stage a sit in on campus. demand from the university of maryland saints to the school administration after a noose was found at frat house on campus. and plus a former nfl player turns teacher and now he's giving back working with opportunities students in his northern virginia hometown. >> and before you snap and posts that selfie how those pictures could reveal too much and put you at risk. that's all next at 10:30. :30.
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♪ i ain't lookin' to compete with you ♪ ♪ beat or cheat or mistreat you ♪ ♪ simplify you, classify you ♪ ♪ deny, defy or crucify you ♪ ♪ all i really wanna do ♪ ♪ is, baby, be friends with you ♪
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>> right now at 10:30 a map behind bars accused of murder and how police linked him
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two separate killings in two different countyes. >> campus sit in at the university of maryland and demand students are making to school's administration after a noose was found inside a fraternity house. >> selfie. >> beware before you post all the selfies. how your social media snaps could make you a target for criminals. news at 10:30 starts now. >> and thanks for staying with us here i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm jim lokay. >> off the top one man behind bars for two murderers in two different maryland countyes. >> live in suitland with more ob that arrest. anjali. >> prince korj younts jury anawnsed they e at the made arrest in brutal murder of man in suitland gas station an hour earlier the same suspect charged with another murder in montgomery country. take a look at 2450ez two mug shots of 24-year-old feral john williams taken hours apart in two different county motions. they believe
10:31 pm
wayne pope on may at a gas station over silver hill road and took off in pope's car. just days earlier on april 29 montgomery country police say williams robbed and then shot and killed 19-year-old amaru amir santos johnson at a home off kitchen house way in german towns. williams is held without bond at montgomery county jail. >> in the district we're learning more information about the d.c. inspector general report on former school chancellor kai henderson. marina marraco is on the story. >> surrounding preferential treatment for deputy mayor snowden for greater economic opportunity. we tried to contact mayor becauseer about this she was inside the verizon center inside game 7. as soon as we called her office she left before the game was over
10:32 pm
this new report says deputy mayor ♪en was able to get her son into the school. it has a wait list of more than 1,000 perspective students. lasts month d.c. office of up suspect tore general said kai henderson former gcps chancellor was being investigated for giving preferential treatment to some, including d.c. offi officials. >> and tonight, the search is on for a new fbi director after james comey was fired by the white house. democrats and some republicans questioned the timing of firing. comey was let go ahead a ongoing fb. investigation into ties of the trump campaign. white house says today it has no intention of bringing any special investigator inside the russian probe. >> a live look outside on a gorgeous day. warmer out there today. plenty of sunshine, too. >> but guess what it will all change soon. >> jim, sarah, it's dramatic change in the next twelv
10:33 pm
that. probably 6 to 8 hours see this rain begin to approach in some of the western communities and it will be in here tomorrow morning before the noon hour. likely for the beltway area between 10 and 12. so grab the rain gear and yes it's cooler, we hit 76 today. many places stay in the 50s tomorrow. let's run through weather headlines. again showers expected to arrive thursday morning. maybe not for the morning rush hour but shortly there after they begin in west and move east. rounds of rain tomorrow. chilly day. not only that but we're dealing with this the next few days. heviest rain may be on saturday. part of the weekend affected by heavy rain in particular on saturday it stays chilly with temperatures in the 50s. maybe even low 50s. i know it feels like quite a setback. good news we improve second half of weekend. mother's day looking drier and taste of summer on 7 day forecast. so don't give up hope
10:34 pm
warmer days are definitely around the corner. tomorrow is not one of them sarah. >> all right. thank you. >> a racist incidents at the university of maryland is behind a march and sit in on campus today. some students are frustrated because it's been a week now since a noose was found at a fraternity house and they're not pleased with the university response. protestsers claim the administration only alerted fraternities on campus and deposit tell relingts of student body. the group met with the wallace low and landed him a list of demand. they want punishment and swifter coverage. >> there should have been something within 24 to 48 hours letting the campus know there's a noose found they're doing nerve alleged power to find out who did this that's all we want. >> university president released a statement condemning incidents and no
10:35 pm
it. happening now, caps fans going home dispointed tonight after game 7 loss to penguins. >> playoff run is over. lauren lauren is live outside the verizon center. lauren how are we describing it out there. >> you know what i've been chatting with friends here. this is aman daxt some people stand around mere had to leave they were too depressed. how are you handling this. >> it's pretty upsetting we had high hopes. it is what it is. we'll move on to next year. >> i feel like that's a lot of people are sort of wordless. michael come here my friend. how are you feel man? >> i'm doing good. >> what do you think about the caps? >> they can't pass second round as always which is tr truth. >> it's like they get to playoffs and can't hang it hu? >> yeah. i mean like alec ovechkin
10:36 pm
round. regardless we have the wizards left. >> that's what everybody was saying. >> sadly the wizards lost tonight. >> yeah i know it's another -- >> nats won that's good news. i have here alex and gary we were talking about ovechkin. what do you have to say about him. >> i love ove he may not be a star player. >> this is not what you said earlier you. >> were angry when you came out. >> it was high pressure game there was a lot of pressure on the boys. i have nothing but love for ove and my team and they played a great game. >> trust your first instinct i'm older than he is been a fan longer than him. >> are you throwing in the towel. >> not throwing in the towel but he'll go down as one of the greatest players ever. that -- didn't get past the second round. enough is enough. >> how many years you can take this over
10:37 pm
>> that's right it's been many years and i think there's a point there's something he is not doing right. in the locker, ice, not enough heart. you know that didn't happen to wayne gretsky. >> you cannot deny his po points. >> he's a good player. >> you have to have this. >> lauren i hear you guys. >> lauren i want to you do me a favor. i. >> i want to you ask these guys a lot are saying they should trade ove and fire barry. >> they're talking about trading ove and firing barry trots. >> keep barry, please. please keep trots, ove has a lot of value now. we were talking about it earlier. if you trade them now you could get someone good for h him. >> i think ove passed peak was -- this was the year. i think you trade him now for value you can get
10:38 pm
absolutely you can fire trotts. >> keep him. >> you're breaking my heart. >> he led them to two president trophies back-to-back. best team in nhl two years in a row. >> thank you. >> they're like my personal sports team here, thanks, guys. >> clearly this will go on until midnight. >> jej lauren. >> next at 10:30 major down side to the selfie association. >> stop looking at me. those pictures may make you a target and what you can do to protect yourself. >> a big shakeup in washington not causing a shake gown an wall street. stocks falling after news he hired director comey. markets bounding over the lows and s&p 500 eeked out record highs and abercrombie stock upping trend and soaring 12% as team misdemeanorer is said to be looking for a buyer. that newsom
10:39 pm
the company announced over 60 stores would close this year. >> looking for love, forgets what you look like. and focus on what your credit looks like. more than 4 in 10 americans say knowing someone's credit score woym pact their interest in dating them. that's according to a new sure vaiv have a from bank rat >> and listen up fellows the study found that women are three times more likely than men to feel this way. there goes american. that's business i'm neal pa
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pa >>
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severally obsessed. the click of the cellphone cram may be just what the bad guys sglant posting on social media could reveal too much and make i you a target. i'm bored i'll take a selfie. ♪ no one captures the absurdity of selfies better than crew on nippy five youtube channel their song par ilty and duck lips and pose aside there's a serious note to the front facin camera picks. can reveal far too much about who snaps them. >> are they home, work, another part of country. >> collegiate cyber defense club at ucf nationally known experts on security offense and defense. >> if you take a selfie every day at the gym look going, looking fit they know a certain time of the day you're normally at the gym on those types
10:44 pm
>> what's visible around you in the selfie can provide useful information for someone tracking you or gathering data before you for identity thevl or do good to. >> a person on twitter posted selfie of them and they were part of isis. in about four hours from people seeing this fwiter post they looked at google maps and figured out where they were in syria from my knowledge and they were able to work with a government agency to call in air strike to hit that target. >> say you just took a selfie in front of blank wall is your vacation revealed then quite possibly. >> if you sue instagram or facebook or twitter they can upload with location services enabled which says basically it's a pin point. i'm within three feet of where this photo was taken at this time. >> if you're savvy now turn off location services there's another way people can find new real life. >> if you're using google chrome right click on image and
10:45 pm
and they're look for photos that looked the same. i use today before trying to find a missing person. we found twitter picture of them did reverse imannual search and found a facebook profile their parents were not aware of. >> the internet doesn't need your full face. >> facebook can do a side profile here to here 97% accuracy. >> and can make complete f face. >> complete face and tell them exactly who they are. when you upload a photo facebook auto tags everybody because they have the sea seatbelt. >> he offers these tips. >> be careful what's in the background. turn off gps and make sure privacy settings are made sure to see friends only see it it's not public posting j c carious how many people are tracking you jim lokay, king of selfies. >> next at 10:30 there football field to classroom. >> to the local man that followed up
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>> teacher appreciation week. we're spotlighting a teacher george cog hill going from the football field to the classroom. >> let's look at this picture here and see if we can make sense of this. >> i was born and raised in fred rikdzburg us growing up we loved our teachers never did i think i would go into the teaching profession. as i got old and started playing ball and working with kids on my off days and i things like that, i realized i wanted to work with kids and some typ
10:50 pm
not know in what way. >> chromosomes. fun? >> oh, yeah. >> i appreciate mr. coghill as a teacher because hi just brightens up my day every time i walk in the room and he teaches me so much about life skills and lou to deal with just life. >> we're shaping and holding these kids for the future. so when you multiply you add those variables. being a teacher i am able to show those guys not only determine what is right and wrong and showing it and living positive lifestyle and using things that i gained and learned learned over the years to help develop them. it means a lot because i know what i'm doing will make impact on kids down the line. >> being a professional footballea
10:51 pm
with different people and different background and different beliefs. when i come into a classroom every kid is brand new to me. it's all about me getting know the kids and building relationship. i'm talking about the statement you making to the world through your attitude and parents. >> he comes here every day and works his tail off for the kids and he was a hard worker and he's there every day for students. you cannot ask for anything more than teachers to be there every day for the kids and george definitely does. >> all right. let's check in with sue palka. and i wish we could keep this loverly weather around. >> i'll missed it's weather. >> i am too. >> it will feel like reversal of seasons tomorrow. rainy day expected and could start sometime after morning rush hour. >> is this the moment you grab umbrella and stick it in your bag before you leave. >> one look at the sky and you'll be
10:52 pm
we have two or three days like this we have to get through sarah and jim. we're in a stuck pattern. nang. there i have summertime temperatures and drier pattern on the 7 day forecast. we'll get rain in here for sure and at times over the next few days that rain may be on the heavy side we could pick up an inch or two. let's get started with a twitter picture. i want to remind everyone what a beautiful day it s initial clouds coming in. tonight's sunset at the sunoco u.s. 50 false church that is beautiful color. thank you omar i don't ovrp get to see the sun setting here "fox5". i appreciate your picture. while most of the area is dry we have a couple areas that set up shop down to the south this is frontal boundary close 234u6 downpour passing by just to the north. those will stay south overnight. what we're tracking for the morning is this
10:53 pm
looks like it is pretty far away east of chicago and it will ride speedy upper level winds. maybe not for the commute but shortly arrest morning commute and it's rainy day here off and on rain throughout thursday heavy at times and temperature topping out in the city 61. it will stay 50s in the suburbs. it will be 15 cooler. friday is also a cool day. 59 degrees. not as wetd on friday but a few showers around and then friday night the second storm starts to approach and that bring us into soggy pattern friday night and day. here's the setup. we have a frontal boundary stalled south. that will be super highway for the storm to ride along and at the same time east wind will develop and bring in cooler temperatures. headed for a chilly and maybe a slow sloing of it with maybe an inch or two of rain expected and showers again beginning tomorrow morning. re
10:54 pm
temperatures 61 for district. could be as cool as 58 they frederick. 5 with r 3 winchester and 56 out towards that area. let's run for future cast and while future cast is seeing showers towards charlottesville. several dry hours overnight and:00 in the morning most of the areas dry. here comes heavier rain west of interstate 81. by the time we get to 10 a.m. western suburbs and moving to belt way. we have rounds ever rain still here at the noon hour and then even more with the second burst of energy that comes through in time for evening rush hour. we may chase heaviest out of here after 11:00 tomorrow and friday morning starts dry. as we go through a dry day we start to see showers south they may push back in sat saturday. this will eventually this second one become a coastal area of low pressure. it has a lot more rain to deal with and wind. how much rain are
10:55 pm
about between now and saturday night when this wraps up. close to 2" in many areas and it might be enough in a few spots to start to promote the concern for flooding. stay tuned with that through the first part of the weekend. saturday again looking wet wrapping up saturday night mother's day looking good breezy side drier if we have anything left at all just a few showers. temperatures rebounding back to 70s. quick look at weekend forecast and onward to the 7 day forecast. 55 saturday. almost 19 warmer for sunday. as we get the sun back in the forecast and breezes continue. all right, you need a little summer. after we get through three cooler days we start warming up sunday and bring on a taste of summer, monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. by wednesday close to 58 degrees and everybody says as to too hot around here. sarah that's your 7 day. >> you can never please everyone at once can we, sue. >> "fox 5 news" at 11 shawn and tony are here with what they have coming up.
10:56 pm
but it did not seem to help. it was tough, tough, tougher nights for d.c. sports fans. >> and teams, caps and wizards both came up short tonight. brody logan is live at the verizon center. this caps loss hurts the most though. >> it's another disappointing chapter in the history of the d.c. sports fan. coming up at 11 you'll hear from the team on tonight's heartbreaking game 7 loss sarah it's another one in long line of d.c. sport let downs. >> thank you brody. also tonight check this out a woman is fortunate to be alive tonight after a truck hit her and police say she is the one facing charges. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ art. it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail.
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or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. ♪ ♪
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>> right now at 11:00 tough times for d.c. sports fans. >> reaction to game 7 and the battle in boston. tonight we're liver with d.c. fans. >> after a gorgeous spring day. get ready for a season change tomorrow morning. we're bringing in chilly temperatures and showers. grab the rain gear and i'll have your forecast. >> it's a tough night for d.c. sports fans. capital punishment and brutal battle in boston. thanks for joining us tonight i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> jim lokay joins us now. heartbreaking game 7 loss tonight. >> when you look at the way the capitals came back in the sires they were on the ropes lasts week. they came back. there was no reason they should not have won this game tonight


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